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The average American uses 911 kWh of electricity a month at 12 cents per KWh. However, if you switch today, you could turn that 12 cents into only 7 cents! That would be an average saving of $45.55 a month. Use this extra money for more important things in your life like friends, family, and experiences. Saving this extra $40 a month turns into almost $500 of savings annually. A lot can be done with that extra money resting safely in your bank account.

We understand everyone needs to save as much money as they can today, and we’ve found a way to help you achieve this. In less time than it takes to switch cable or internet providers, you could be saving on your electric bill. An equally important aspect we sometimes forget to think about. We’re here to leave that thought in the past and help you save as much you can on your natural gas and/or electric bill each month.

*>"How Much Electricity Do You Use Each Month?" -

Analyzing your Electric & Natural Gas Bill

Locate your “generation charge” or “supplier charge” to know exactly what you pay each month.

Many states today have deregulated energy standards compared to many years before. Unfortunately, local energy companies fail to notify you of changes in the area for more affordable possibilities. They aren’t going to inform you of cheaper options from a local competitor, but we can surely help you out with that. In fact, if you do live in one of these deregulated states, you could be missing out on some great savings.

CEO Energy allows you to find all of the best rates in your area with a few simple clicks. Stop wasting time and losing money with other sites. Our platform gives you the power to identify the right provider for you. Suppliers in this marketplace compete for your signature as they are listed with local competitors. Special rates find their way on our website all the time too, so get started today before they disappear!

Many years of service involved within the energy industry along with ample relationships between brokers and competitors across the country allow for our proven success. We offer a guaranteed rate that will never go up, no matter what. No extra costs for switching either! You will certainly get the lowest energy rate in your area as long as you are with CEO Energy.

Although, each state will offer different deals, short-term plans can sometimes be cheaper than long-term plans. It all depends on your area and the market supply/demand. Regardless, we will help you locate the best possible deal!

1.)Fixed Rates > Variable Rates

To start, know your bill will never increase no matter what! We offer fixed-rate guarantees. No more unwanted costs, bill increases due to market strain, or promotions trying to get your signature. Everything you see is what you get. We hide nothing from you or your family. Connecting with energy providers through CEO Energy allows you to switch to the best rate around.

If you are unsure about whether you have a fixed or variable cost, all you need to do is look on your monthly bill under “(usage) kWh x Rate.“ This should be located next to supply or generation charge section of your bill. Compare previous months’ bill to your last one to find out. You can also call your local provider where they can assist you with this information.

2.)The Green Movement

We understand the importance of protecting the world we live in as well. Clean energy options are also available through CEO Energy. We are just as concerned about environmental pressures, and we help to provide you with renewable energy services. You won’t need to break the bank either. Our team works with gas and electric companies across the country, and we strive to bring green markets to every corner of our great nation. All at an affordable price! What's renewable energy?

The emblem above represents the percentage of renewable resources being used to supply your home or business.

No, not at all! Securely switch services from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The switch should only take 5 minutes with your current bill in-hand. No need for paperwork or to speak with a represntative. Figure it all out online through CEO Energy.

Your service will not be canceled, timed out, and no added fees either. In fact, there should be no interruption of your service, and you’ll get an updated bill from your local utility company. If you’re a commercial business, with an energy bill greater than 10K a month, then you can start the process online, and a sales rep will contact you promptly.

You should receive a confirmation email upon completing the sign-up process. Enclosed should also be the details of your new plan and rate. Make sure to save this email for your personal records.

Next, look to make sure the switch has taken place on your next bill. Then, you will receive six months, three months, and 1-month notifications by email of your plan expiring. Life gets a bit messy, so we help to remind you when your plan will expire. If new offers and better rates apply, a link will be provided to you at each of these time frames before your plan ends. You can always renew your preexisting plan too with no added costs!

Easy! Your current contract will time out, and all you need to do is go back to to select your new rate. All of the best rates will again be given to you for your new address. Nothing complicated and no hidden charges for switching. Everything on our site allows you to have the power in your hands.

However, some plans may list "early termination fees" if you decide to actively cancel your service before the service contract ends. Be up to date on your plan, and we'll certainly help you along the way!

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